Arizona’s Public Health Crisis Debate on Pornography

Increasingly, state legislatures around the country are taking up the question of pornography as a public health issue. Utah was the first state in the nation to declare pornography a public health crisis in 2016, but measures have been passed in 11 other states since. Arizona has now taken up the debate.

Recently, we reviewed the status of More

The Deep Dive: A Summary of the Research on Pornography and Addiction
"It seems that online pornograpy use is not only one subtype of hypersexual disorder, but currently the most prevalent since it also frequently involves masturbation. Although this is difficult to accurately determine given the anonymity and accessibility factors that make pornography use today so pervasive, we can at least confirm that the patron of consumption for pornography has changed for roughly...
Trauma-Based or Digital-Age Porn Addiction?
Digital-Age Porn Addiction is a  growing subcategory of sex addiction, not driven by unresolved early-life trauma, but by conditioned response. Typically, it starts with use at a young age, often before puberty. For for those using it, sexual expression does not move beyond the internet. Porn and sometimes other forms of non-intimate online sexuality are both sex education and sexual fulfillment. As a...
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