Financing Treatment


When you are ready to address a sexual addiction issue the challenges are daunting. They include:

  • Denial
  • Emotional Trauma
  • Shame
  • Family Consequences
  • Loss of Employment

These are formidable. Now add the financial cost of treatment. A 30 day residential treatment program for sexual addiction costs between $45,000 – $60,000. This is expensive by any measure.

Research shows that 30 days of treatment is not enough to establish recovery for sexual addiction.  It takes time — three years — for the brain to development new neural pathways that result in healing.

Despite the cost, for some the acuity of the addiction is such that residential treatment is advised. For most, a sustained, affordable, long-term treatment plan leads to the best outcomes.

About Health Insurance

Many people believe their health insurance will cover the cost of treatment. This is because most do not understand how health insurance coverage works, especially when it comes to mental or behavioral health. Health Insurance companies, like most businesses, are profit driven. And, like most businesses, they make money by selling their services and by limiting their costs.

  • They require co-pays so the customer picks up a percentage of the cost of care.
  • They raise the amount of deductibles so the customer carries a larger burder of their total health care costs.
  • They define the limits of their obligation by the notion of “medical necessity.”
  • They limit what they recognize as a qualifying need for treatment to disorders that have been identified in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) of the American Psychiatric Association.

The last of these, limiting what they recognize as a qualifying need, is problematic when it comes to sexual addiction treatment. Sexual addiction has not yet been identified by the DSM. Why?

The sexual addiction epidemic is relatively new. It has exploded in the Internet Age.  Easy access to pornography online has set the conditions for the onset of this addictive process. Although scientific research is converging on the recognition of sexual addiction as a life-threatening disease, scientific consensus takes a long time to emerge.

This means that although you are experiencing the devastating effects of sexual addiction, insurance companies do not recognize an obligation to fund treatment.

Financing Options

We design our program to consistent with they way the brain heals. Because it takes time for new neural pathways to form, we extend treatment over time to provide the guidance, insight, recovery skills, and support you need to establish recovery for a lifetime.

Rather than having to pay $45,000-$60,000 for thirty days of treatment. Three years of treatment with LifeStar Sacramento costs a fraction of that amount. Nevertheless, sexual addiction treatment still requires a significant investment in your health and in the health of your family. (One thing more expensive than addiction treatment is the cost of the addiction itself.)

To help you pay for treatment, we have partnered with a third-party financial services company that specializes in funding healthcare services. Prosper Healthcare may be able to provide the help you need to invest in your recovery.

If you contact Prosper Healthcare, you may need our ID number: 004262.