Our therapists are trained to do productive work with clients in a one-on-one setting.

There is a difference between talking with a friend and doing intentional work with a therapist. A relationship with a trusted friend who can empathize with your experience is important. You need the support of a close friend.

Working with a therapist is not the same as a friendship. Although friendly, a highly skilled therapist will be able to walk alongside you to address the specific issues that are undermining your life and well-being. He or she then designs a treatment plan that guides the work you do together. The work has a clear starting place and moves toward a well-defined outcome.

While doing the work with a therapist you can expect to feel supported. The therapist will establish clear boundaries and ground rules that will help you feel safe. This becomes your therapeutic work bench.

Within the safe space of this working relationship you can expect to explore thoughts, feelings, memories, and experiences that may be influencing your well-being. The therapist will guide you to explore healing insights, perspectives and practices with the intent of achieving the goal you have established when the work began.

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