SAST / Sexual Addiction Screening Test

Sexual Addiction Screening Test

If you are married, or if you are in  a relationship, we strongly recommend you come with your partner. Sexual addiction impacts not only the person struggling with the addictive process. It impacts  partners as well. Also, the partner has the opportunity to share a perspective the person who struggles with the addiction simply does not have.

After you receive the date of your appointment, please take the Sexual Addiction Screening Test (SAST) at the is a service of the International Institute for Trauma and Addiction. The SAST assists us in diagnosing behavior that may indicate sexual addiction. The SAST maintains an extensive database of all users. This provides a objective basis from which to assess whether you are struggling with an addictive process.

There is no charge or fee to take the SAST.

Out of respect for confidentiality, the test does not save your answers. As you take the SAST, please print each page (before you go onto the next page) and then bring the entire test with you to your scheduled assessment.