Group Therapy

Recovery involves helping a person who has grown accustom to living life in isolation reconnect with others. Addiction grows in isolation. Addiction looses its power when you are surrounded by supportive people who care about you.

Each group is facilitated by a therapist trained in sexual addiction treatment. The role of the therapist is to create safe space. The therapist provides a consistent structure, serves as a catalyst to help participants envision new life for themselves and their families. They assure that everyone is treated with respect at all times and that no one feels forced to participate beyond one’s readiness to share.

Each group is structured by thoughtfully designed workbooks that have been tested in clinical settings to facilitate healing. As the group progresses, participants experience growing confidence and health. They come to believe that recovery is possible.

For the Partner

Group work is important for the partner as well as the person struggling in the addiction.

In a supportive group the partner discovers that there are others who have also experienced the trauma that comes with the betrayal associated with a sexual addiction. Partners together discover that although each experience is unique, the pain of betrayal trauma is an experience that is shared and understood.

Discovering that you need not take this journey alone is truly empowering. What you cannot do alone, we can accomplish together through expert guidance and experience.

For the Addict

Group therapy for a person struggling with addiction serves a number of purposes.

First, it breaks the isolation of the addiction. It demonstrates that this disease is not uncommon. Rather than feeling like an outsider, you become an insider sharing with others a significant challenge you need not bear alone.

Second, a group helps you remain honest. Deception and avoidance of a painful truth has kept you in the addiction. The way out is the practice of truth-telling. Meeting with a group who shares secrets similar to your own makes it easier to bring your own experience out in the open. A group also will help you identify partial truths and half-truths as well as all the necessary skills and strategies to sustain sexual integrity and heal your relationship.

Although sometimes challenging, group work is never shaming.
The goal is always to help and to heal.

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