You live in relationship with others.

When you are partnered with another person in a life-sharing bond, your partnership takes on a life of its own.

If you are partnered with another person, their are three lives that influence your well-being:

  • Your Life
  • Your Partner’s Life
  • The Life of the Relationship

When any one of the of three lives struggles, it influences the lives of the other two.

For example, if your partner falls under the weight of a sexual addiction, the addiction undermines your personal well-being. The addiction undermines the well-being of the relationship as well.

When your partner struggles, one choice is to abandon the relationship. As painful as this is, it may sometimes be perceived as the easier choice. But it is not often the best choice.

Rather than abandon a difficult relationship, because the partner is suffering, this is an opportunity to seek greater health for all three lives: Yours, Your Partners, and the life of the Relationship.

Couples therapy brings the relationship into a conversation with a therapist who is trained to address the well-being of the “third person”—the relationship itself.

Couples therapy is often pursued with individual therapy so that all three lives can come to a place of healing.

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