About Pornography


At one time an addiction to pornography began with the viewing and stashing of magazines. Although that kind of use was and still is damaging, its effects pale in comparison to the effects of pornography today — pornography that is amplified by new and frighteningly powerful enablers: the internet, smartphones, and social media.

Today one can feed a pornography problem by viewing online still photos, downloading pornographic videos, and/or by having webcam sex. Some use the internet to meet and “hook up” with anonymous sexual partners. The ‘new media’ of smartphones offers instant phone-based pornography downloads along with wherever/whenever live video streaming of sexual activities for hours without end.

What is Porn Addiction?

Similar to someone with a chemical or substance addiction, someone addicted to pornography tends to replace important relationships and commitments with their “drug” of choice: pornography. Non-internet porn users can be found in places like strip clubs and adult bookstores, but it is unlikely that they have a strip club addiction or an adult bookstore addiction. Rather, they have a consistent and compulsive sexual problem that manifests in different ways.

People with a pornography addiction tend to isolate when engaging in sexual activity. They typically spend many hours or even days lost in two-dimensional images and experiences.

Nonsexual Internet addiction can also be painfully isolating, causing real-life consequences for the person addicted to online gambling or fantasy games. However, pornography addiction also carries a moral stigma with the likelihood that important relationships will be negatively affected.

While some use compulsive masturbation as a part of their acting out, others engage only minimally in masturbation, yet they still end up losing themselves to the endless sexual images and sites found online.

Pornography Addiction Tips  for Healing

  • Know the signs of pornography addiction
  • Knowing the stages of pornography addiction
  • Talk about your challenge in detail with a trusted friend
  • Seek an assessment from a therapist who specializes in sexual addiction
  • Make a plan to interrupt the addiction process
  • Put tracking codes on your smartphone and computer so others can monitor your online behavior
  • Knowing the stages of pornography addiction
  • Make use of pornography addiction resources such as 12-step meetings, sex addiction professionals, and recovery groups

The Science