Awareness of Cell Phone Use and Its Dangers

In today’s world, we rely on our cell phones. From video chatting with family to relying on cell phone maps to get you somewhere new, our cell phones have become a massive part of our lives. While we can surely understand how they are convenient, it’s important to recognize how often we use them and why. Research shows that cell phones can affect the brain in similar ways to addictions, boosting “feel good” hormones. The convenient thing can quickly become a compulsion. Although cell phone use has not yet been classified as an addiction or disorder, experts are beginning to recognize the dangers of overuse. Not only can it affect mental health, it can make recovery from other addictions much more difficult. This quiz by Psycom may help you discover if you might have an unhealthy relationship with your phone. We have provided resources below that go into detail about cell phone addiction and how to break it.

How to Tell If You Could Be Addicted to Your Phone

Cell Phone Addiction: Signs, Symptoms, And Treatment

How to Break a Phone Addiction

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