Healing After Betrayal

As experts in understanding betrayal and healing betrayal trauma, we have two workshops dedicated to helping the betrayer and the betrayed. Read below for more information about our Men’s Getting Started workshop and our Tackling Trauma Triggers workshop. In the meantime, we have collected great resources about how to begin repairing broken relationships affected by betrayal.
Knowledge is power. In the Men’s Getting Started Weekend workshop, the goal is to educate, build a solid sobriety plan and enter into a community of support guided by a highly skilled group therapist. You will explore the impact of dysfunctional family systems that create attachment injuries that can make a person more susceptible to addictive and compulsive behaviors. With understanding comes the ability to accept and forgive oneself and the steps to begin healing your relationship.
The Tackling Trauma Triggers workshop is dedicated to partners who are experiencing pain or confusion from infidelity and other sexual betrayals. The most common support partners seek is a safe place to sort through these traumatic experiences. At Lifestar, we provide that safe place and the support you need.
Ambushed By Betrayal

“Infidelity, gaslighting, and deception shatter the most sacred part of a committed relationship, the attachment. The foundation upon which your relationship house is built is demolished in an instant, leaving unsuspecting partners in rubble and twisted wires trying to make sense of what just happened. This is Betrayal Trauma.”

Help. Them. Heal.

“An empathy workbook and wonderful companion to Carol’s best-selling Help. Her. Heal. This workbook is for couples to help them heal their relationship following sexual betrayal.”

Out of the Doghouse
“Men and women are very different when it comes to relationships, and this difference is amplified when a man cheats. While men are able to compartmentalize things like casual sex, women typically view any form of cheating as an affront to their entire relationship. They think: “If he is lying to me about sex, he’s probably lying to me about everything.” For betrayed women, trust just flat-out disintegrates. Without proper guidance, men–who are often unaware of the type and degree of pain they have caused their spouse–have little chance of restoring it.
Underneath the hurt and betrayal, usually there is still love. Where there is love and motivation for change, there is hope for the relationship to move forward.”

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