Self Care and Changes That Last

We have all experienced burnout and exhaustion, maybe even at unexpected times. We may have routines and habits in our day that we think is self care, but really they are doing more harm than good, making us tired, stressed, and inefficient. Instead of grabbing the sugar, alcohol, extra cup of coffee, or spending too much money for a day at the spa, try incorporating healthy habits into your day that will give you the rest, energy, and organization your body and life needs. See our resources below that will help you understand what self care really means.

Self Care: What It Really Is

Building Healthy Habits When You’re Truly Exhausted

“Forming a new habit in the best of times can be difficult, let alone trying to make changes when you’re already spent. The last couple of years have stretched almost everyone. And you may find yourself exhausted and feeling doubtful that you can really turn your situation around — or simply confused about where to begin.”

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6 Simple Self Care Tips To Become A Better You

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