Belonging, Support, and Independence

We all want a sense of belonging whether that is to ourselves or others. Feeling like you belong combats loneliness and feelings of worthlessness and hopelessness. When you’re surrounded by people that support you, your confidence and sense of purpose grows, helping you feel more independent and capable. We’ve collected resources below that will help you understand what belonging is, what it does, and how you can find it.

What is Sense of Belonging?

“The need to belong, also known as belongingness, refers to a human emotional need to affiliate with and be accepted by members of a group. . . A sense of belonging involves more than simply being acquainted with other people. It is centered on gaining acceptance, attention, and support from members of the group as well as providing the same attention to other members.”

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What You Need to Know About Mental Health Support Groups

“When you face a problem in life, the first people to whom you turn are often friends and family members. But sometimes people in your life may struggle to relate, or they might be more focused on giving advice than hearing what you have to say. So often it can prove beneficial to sit and talk with other people who are dealing with the same kinds of issues. These issues might include addiction, medical problems, family problems, or other life situations. Together, group members support and strengthen each other as they learn to problem-solve and cope with life’s challenges.”



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