A Time to Make Changes that Last

Before the new year hits, people begin thinking about what their New Year resolution might be. Often times, our goals are lofty and/or solitary—we want to make big changes quickly and alone. The best way to reach your goals is to be in community with others, making consistent and daily small changes that last. Mindfulness and the support of others are essential to our success.
If you, your partner, or a loved one is struggling with a pornography or sexual addiction, there is help, relief, and support available. LifeStar offers two highly successful workshops for both the addict and the partner that results in healing, understanding, and restoration. Follow along below for more information on how to register! For insight on the psychology behind making lasting changes, we have put together a list of resources for you to review.
10 Secrets of People Who Keep Their New Year’s Resolutions
“If you fell short of accomplishing your resolutions last year, this might be a bit of a sore spot. Less than 8% of people actually stick to their resolutions each year, according to some estimates, yet millions of Americans continue to set goals with high hopes of a better year ahead.
Whether you want to lose weight, get organized, or achieve anything else in 2019, it’s all about sticking to your goals. Here are 10 common traits, characteristics, and habits of people who keep their resolutions for self-improvement.”
How to Actually Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions | Research Explained


What You Need to Know About Mental Health Support Groups

“When you face a problem in life, the first people to whom you turn are often friends and family members. But sometimes people in your life may struggle to relate, or they might be more focused on giving advice than hearing what you have to say. So often it can prove beneficial to sit and talk with other people who are dealing with the same kinds of issues. These issues might include addiction, medical problems, family problems, or other life situations. Together, group members support and strengthen each other as they learn to problem-solve and cope with life’s challenges.”


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