Supporting One Another for Individual Growth

When we go through trials in life, especially ones that seem so personal, the temptation is to hide each difficulty from others and attempt to heal alone and in secret. However, healing happens when we are able to share our whole selves with others, revealing what may be broken. We pick up one another’s pieces and work together to put them back together. Once we acknowledge our nature to belong to others, we can begin living more whole lives. The following resources will help you understanding what belonging means and how it reveals itself through group therapy in addiction treatment.

5 Benefits of Group Therapy

“You might have heard about group therapy to manage your mental health condition and are wondering whether it’s something that could benefit you. . . If you’re on the fence about trying group therapy to manage a mental health condition or life situation, here’s a primer on how group therapy can benefit you in ways beyond your diagnosis or situation.”

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What is Group Therapy?

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