For Her

You may have suspected for some time. Perhaps you have just recently learned of the behavior. You are feeling overwhelming sadness. Swirling confusion. Intense anger. Betrayal. Your feelings are normal.
Know that there is help.

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For Him

Labels  may not apply to you. What matters is how you feel: Depressed. Frustrated. Ashamed. Lonely. If you feel overwhelmed or that your life has become unmanageable, know that hope, healing, and recovery are within reach. You may just be ready for a change. We can help.

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Our Services

Our goal is long-term personal and relational health that lasts a lifetime. Change does not comes without work. There are no gimmicks here or quick fixes here. Our four phase program is designed to give you the support you need, over the time you need, to change your life forever.

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Receive The Sexual Addiction Primer

Get the facts on Sexual Addiction and the path to recovery. This free booklet will help you understand this debilitating and destructive disorder and give you hope for healing.


    The Promise Restored

    Sexual Addiction:
    Not the End of the Story
    • “Will I ever be able to trust him again?”
    • “Why can’t I stop even though I know I hurt the ones I love?”
    • “Can our relationship heal from these devastating wounds?”

    Trust can be regained. Healthy, life-affirming sexuality can be restored. Replace secrets and destruction with balance, trust, and love.

    Our Services

    a nationally recognized treatment program by therapists trained in sexual addiction recovery

    Research shows success occurs when you use a combination of approaches: psycho-educational material, group work, and individual/couples therapy. We offer a comprehensive treatment program.

    Participants receive workbooks and other materials to help them through the recovery process. We gently uncover and heal patterns that undermine relational health.