Entrainment and the Dance of Conversation
In this TEDx talk Stephanie Borrie shares her research on the role of entrainment in the experience of Parkinson's Disease. Parkinson's Disease generates significant barriers to effective communication. This heightens the isolating effects of the disease. As you watch, apply Borrie's insight to how addictioncreates barriers to honest and direct communication. Watch it here:
The Healing Power of Entrainment
If you've ever been in the presence of a deeply calm person, or perhaps a spiritual master, you may have noticed something quite intriguing. Your breathing will tend to slow down, and the body settles into a relaxed state. In short, the powerful resonance of the serene energy field of a regular meditator, or spiritual master, has the capacity to influence you, and you will find that you naturally sync...
ADHD and ADD: Compulsive Sexual Behavior Disorder
Research shows there is a high rate of ADHD (andr ADD) diagnoses among individuals with compulsive sexual behavior. This is associated with sensation seeking and attachment difficulties. Distraction, self-comfort, and a need to stabilize mood and emotion are hallmarks of the relationship between ADHD and compulsive sexual expression.
Of note: Individuals with self-reported ADHD had higher scores of avoidant attachment compared with individuals without ADHD. Males with ADHD and anxious attachment show an...
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