Roman Dietrich Psy.D is a professional Licensed Psychologist who earned his doctoral degree from Argosy University in 2012. He has extensive experience in treating addictions including sex addiction and also in facilitating group therapy. He earned his Masters of Science degree from Cal Polytechnic of Pomona, with a marriage and family therapy track in 2003, where he worked with domestic violence and addiction issues in a community mental health center, in conjunction with children and adolescents with severe behavioral problems in socioeconomically challenged areas.

He has served as an adjunct professor at the University of Phoenix, which started in the San Diego area for over 7 years. Roman has over 15 years of mental health experience working with clients from all diverse backgrounds and brings with him specialized training in psychological assessment, crisis intervention, sex addiction and relapse prevention therapy, anger management training, grief and loss and trauma therapies.

He believes in empowering his clients and helping them to become independent and successful meeting their goals. The greatest gift for any therapist is to watch the metamorphous of their client and for them to be a master of their own destiny, thus no longer needing guidance, direction, and intervention by their therapist. He has had a long-standing commitment to the mental health profession and in providing the best quality of care for his clients.