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Getting Started

Getting Started is for people struggling with sexual addiction as well as for their partners. When you are well informed about the underlying issues that influence unhealthy behaviors, you are empowered to take a more proactive and successful approach toward sobriety and complete recovery. Learn about the cycle of sexual addiction and the underlying issues that contribute to the addiction process. Begin your recovery to healthy, balanced living.

Recovery Group

Recovery Group helps you employ successful strategies that help you live healthier, happier lives, free from compulsive behaviors. You take a deeper look at denial, the addiction cycle, fantasies and objectification, relapse prevention, and healthy living. You learn how to help create safety for your partner.

Advanced Group

Advanced Group helps you maintain your new-found healthy lifestyle. The addiction has been stopped. You are ready to address underlying issues that created the addiction cycle in the first place. You can now tackle negative beliefs, dysfunctional systems, trauma, and abuse.  You learn to build your relationship on a foundation of trust and healthy intimacy.

Healthy Intimacy Workshop

The Healthy Intimacy Workshop helps you to continue healing your relationship. A strong foundation in recovery and stabilization from the trauma of sex addiction is required. Learn skills to nurture a more joyful, life-giving, and rewarding relationship with your partner. This workshop group is available for "tune-ups" for couples who have established strong recovery and want to continue to work on strengthening their relationship. Learn more.

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Don't Forget the  Partner

When the crisis of sexual addiction is exposed we remember the partner. Feelings of confusion, anger and shame typify betrayal trauma. The partner needs support too. We understand. We can help.



The Loneliness and Struggle of Addiction

Finally the addiction is exposed. No more hiding. No deceit. No more worry about discovery. The nightmare is over. It is now time to for life to begin anew. Let the healing begins today.



Addiction that Begins in Isolation, Ends in Community

Addiction exposed creates a desire to isolate. While some time alone can be helpful to take inventory, stepping into a group who shares the challenge lets healing begin.