The Decision

The decision to address the challenge of sexual addiction may be the most important decision one will ever make.

Consider the major decisions of a person’s life:

• Should I marry?
• Should I graduate college?
• Should I relocate?
• Should I buy a house?

We know the magnitude of these decisions in terms of the degree to which they shape a person’s life. Once you make a decision, the DECISION begins to make you.

This is how the sexual addiction began, after all. It began with a small decision. To look. To explore. To relieve stress. To seek comfort.

The problem is the decision is made in a moment of distress, or perhaps loneliness. This begins the addictive process. Soon, the disicsion you make, begins to make you.

Where there is health, decisions are affirming, enriching and rewarding. From decision to decision, you build a memorable and rewarding life.

The decision to enter to seek recovery from a sexual addiction is of great magnitude.
The sad reality for the addict is that the addict does not make life decisions. All that matters is the object of the addiction. Before the addict begins the jouney of recovery, the ADDICTION makes the addict. All other decisions are meaningless.

The addictive process is life constricting. The aim of treatment is life expanding.

The DECISION to seek recovery from a sexual addiction is the first of the important decisions you can make, because it is a decision that will begin to make you brand new.




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