Getting Started Workshop Now Underway

Our Getting Started Workshop is now underway.

This is the second six week workshop scheduled this year. Our next workshop will begin October 9.

Our participants come with courage to address what for many of them may be the biggest challenge of their lives.

This is the first time many of them will be expressing their struggles openly in a safe environment with others who understand and won’t judge or offer unwanted advise. It is a sensitive time and a difficult challenge. But it is also absolutely necessary. It helps people experience the simple truth that they are not alone and there is help.

This group is organized to be safe. It is the first time participants can do things together in recovery. For most (if not all) this is a new experience. They have not had the opportunity to share or be heard with an empathetic response from other people who are in a similar situation.

It is not the information that matters so much — though knowledge is power — it is the process of moving together with others who share a common experience.

Thus begins the journey of recovery from sexual addiction and of the restoration and transformation of relationships that have suffered the relational trauma of betrayal.

This is a powerful moment. It serves to connect the group together. People are initiated into an experience of belonging. They begin to see the value of a healing community and feel hope that there is a way through their pain.

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