EER Neurofeeback: “Brain Paint”

“Brain Paint” address healing by addressing the client’s brain directly. This helps clients overcome cognitive and emotional challenges that undermine healing.

“Brain Paint” is a name of a neurofeedback process that helps a client improve self-regulation by actually “teaching” the brain. Research shows the brains operating under the influence of an addiction process become destabilized in the early stages of recovery. People in recovery must new develop new neuropathways — actually changing their brain — to stop the compulsive urges associated with addiction.

Neurofeedback allows clients to overcome the “flight-or-fight” response to remain in a stress-free state with results in the experience of greater stability. Brain function improves.

A research study of over 9,400 people working with the Brain Paint process showed 47 percent improved significantly in just three sessions. We recommend more extensive treatment to achieve long-term benefits.


Brain Pain helps you achieve greater mental stability faster.

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