Getting Started

First Steps

You’re ready for the growth and healing that only expert guidance, hard work and time can accomplish. Here’s how to start your journey:

Initial Contact: Call (916) 728-5433 or email us today for a brief consultation with one of our licensed clinicians. We know you may be in crisis at this point, so we’ll discuss the most important next steps to help you stabilize as quickly as possible. If you choose, we’ll schedule an appointment and send you more information and an online assessment to prepare for your first session.

First Appointment: You’re in crisis and it’s complicated. In this situation, expert guidance and experience matter most. In your first fifty-minute session individually or with your partner/spouse, one of our highly experienced therapists will begin to guide you through the process of identifying the problem, discovering your individual needs, and creating a custom roadmap to recovery based on specialized training and decades of clinical experience.

Phase 1 Workshop for Men

Getting Started

Time has never been more precious than it is at this critical juncture of your healing. We’ve organized the Getting Started workshop to facilitate rapid understanding of Lifestar’s highly successful recovery process. This virtual weekend course will help you understand how to reorganize your life based on integrity as you work to establish sobriety and repair relational trust.

Phase 1 Workshop for Partners

Tackling Trauma Triggers

You deserve as much time and support as you need in order to heal from betrayal and relational trauma. This virtual workshop creates a community of support, empowering you to develop a self-care plan and set healthy boundaries. You will learn to identify your trauma triggers and learn how to manage them in order to heal from the devastating impact on your mind, body and spirit. Most importantly, you will learn that you are not alone.