We Are As Healthy As Our Relationships

Healthy relationships contribute to a healthy life. This includes both supportive emotional bonds that help a person navigate through difficult times as well as connections that heighten the experience of good times.

Relationships are about companionship, certainly. They also serve as a kind of an external immune system that can protect you from the assault overwhelming stress. Dr Esther Sternberg has compiled research that demonstrates the mind-body-relationship connection.

Being mindful and attentive to the relationships in your life serve as a shield against any number of disorder and diseases. This includes addiction. It may well be that the best innoculation against developing an addiction is by mastering the practices associated with nurturing healthy relationships in your life. Successful outcomes from our clinical practice convince us that full recovery is assured as our clients pass through the trauma of early recovery and come to appreciate and learn the skills associated with building healthy relationships in their lives.

What changes would you make in your life if you truly believed that you were only as healthy as your relationships?


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