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The Slide Into Addiction

Addictions in all forms are rampant in America and across the world. Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco, Prescriptions, Food, Sex, Gambling, Pornography, Video Games, Work, Shopping, and yes, referencing an earlier post, even those irresistible Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies, can be addicting.

But what is addiction and why are so many of us caught in its trap? How can we escape and regain control over ourselves, our lives and our future?

To be succinct;

Addiction is defined as an obsessive thinking and a compulsive need for drugs, alcohol, food, sex, or anything, despite the resulting negative consequences. Addiction develops over time and usually begins with misuse and moving toward abuse, resulting in addiction.

For example, as a way to manage some emotional or physical pain, a person might find comfort by misusing some substance or behavior, which may for a time, relieve such feelings or discomfort.

When the source of the problem is left unaddressed, the person may begin to abuse these same methods, which over time can develop cravings—the slide into addiction. Addiction results when the person becomes entrenched in a cycle where the person’s financial, social, physical and emotional health becomes compromised.

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