"When I entered LifeSTAR I felt like there was little to no help for me.  I thought that I was a disgusting human being, having struggled with my addiction to pornography for the last 17 years of my 31 year life.  I was on the brink of losing everything, my wife and family, my job. This was not who I wanted to be, but it was who pornography and addiction made me to be. A friend referred me to LifeSTAR. Starting a new program was scary at first, the fear was not as great as the relief and strength I gained each week.  LifeSTAR saved my life.  I am forever grateful to the people at LifeSTAR for showing me that I do have worth and value, despite my struggles and imperfection. Thank you LifeSTAR!!"

Recovering, Name Withheld, Clovis, California