Parenting Skills Training

How do you raise a child?

Children do not come with instructions. To feed, clothe, and put a child to bed are the basics of parenting. But what comes after the material needs of a child are met?

Most people learn how to parent with reference to how they were parented. In times past, aunts, uncles, grandmothers and grandfathers lent a helping hand.

Today many families live apart from extended families. They lack the coaching and support of earlier generations. In addition, the rate of change in today's world is so rapid that one wonders if practices applied thirty years ago are even relevant today.

Furthermore, if you had been raised in a abusive home, or in a home where alcohol or drug use led to an addictive process in the family, you may never have had healthy parenting skills modeled for you.

Parenting Skills Training provides new, healthy perspectives on the role of parenting.  It also provides concrete, practical guidance on how to interact with your children in such a way that they learn the life skills they must learn while in your care if they are to become healthy adults.

If you lack confidence as a parent, or worry that you missed some fundamental principles because you may have lacked a healthy parental presence in your own life, we can help.

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