Anger Management

How fast does it take you to go from Zero to Ten on the anger scale?

Anger is a common human emotion that varies between mild frustration to explosive violence and rage. Generally, anger is a healthy human emotion. It signals that something is not right in your world. It may be generated by an immediate threat to your physical safety. But it may also be triggered by a perceived threat to your emotional well-being or your sense of justice and fair play.

When anger becomes dangerous or violent, it becomes a problem. If others experience you as someone who regularly loses control when you become angry, you may benefit from anger management counseling.

Most people deal with anger by expressing it outwardly, by suppressing it, or working through it internally using some form of self-calming behaviors. Any one of these ways of dealing with anger may be appropriate depending on the context in which the anger rises.

Anger management counseling helps you to recognize when you are angry. It also help you develop a range of options from which you can choose to assure your anger is expressed in a way that is most productive for you and your family.

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