Abuse Recovery

A person who has lived in an abusive environment sometimes has trouble recognizing abuse. Abuse is any behavior that demeans the fundamental humanity of another person.

You deserve to be treated with respect at all times. There is never reason to hurt another person.

Some people who have grown up in an abusive home where verbal, emotional, or physical abuse was present, sometimes fail to recognize when their words are actions are abusive. Or, when they are being abused by another person who interprets such behavior as "normal".

Most people readily recognize physical brutality as abusive. Demeaning words, dismissive attitudes, belittling gestures are abusive as well.

One way you can know if you are a victim of abuse (of any kind) is to assess how vital and alive you feel. Do you feel generally hopeful in your relationships, engaged in life, and energetic about your future? Or do you feel weighed down and discouraged in your primary relationships with others?

A good rule of thumb is to expect healthy relationships to be affirming and life-giving. When they are not, there may be an abusive quality in the relationship that should be addressed.

If you have lived in a abusive relationship, you may have lost perspective on what a healthy relationship looks and feels like. Abuse recovery helps you gain (or restore) a healthy relationship with yourself so you can be empowered to enter into healthy relationships with others.

No one need tolerate abuse. We can help.

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