"This recovery program helped me see that the deeply held, negative views I had of myself were actually driving my need to numb and escape through pornography and sex. I now have the relationship with my spouse that I always wanted."

Him, Sacramento, California

"In the LifeSTAR program, I realized that I wasn’t alone. Other women were in as much pain as I was. The program put me on a path that eventually led to my finding peace and healing—things that I thought I would never find again in my life."

Her, Sacramento, California

I have tried to beat my sex addiction all my life. I always believed I could. I finally resigned myself to a life of misery. LifeSTAR provided a framework, tools, and an environment (group) to peel back the layers to find underlying faulty thinking that supported my addiction. Without it, I would still be just a shell of a man constructed on a pretense of who I wasn’t, but always wanted to be.

Him, Alberta, Canada

"Involving my wife was a missing ingredient to my recovery, as difficult as it was to freely talk about my issues. However, we followed the LifeStar program found tremendous growth as I began to separate from my addiction. I had no idea how ignorant I was abut my own life and history, things essential to know in order to change core behaviors related to my addiction. With that knowledge I feel empowered to do what is necessary to begin the healing."

Him, Aurora, Colorado