Fault and Responsibility
When someone you love discloses they may be trapped in a sexual addiction, the sense of betrayal and grief feels overwhelming. Nevertheless, it is important to remember two things: 1. The disease is not their fault. 2. They must take responsibility for their own healing. Here is the paradox of recovery. We normally associate “cause and effect” with “responsibility.” First, addiction is no one’s fault. It is a complex syndrome that involves three even more...
A Therapist Talks About His Addiction to Pornography

My son accidentally accessed a pornographic video on our iPad at age 5. My story has come full circle. I have not indulged in pornography in over 11 years. I long for that freedom for everyone. Once an addicted young person myself, I hope to be a voice for those who are silently struggling, yet too ashamed to speak up.

Accommodation to Loneliness

Many people think of addiction as an orientation TO something. This perspective puts the power of the addiction in the substance or the behavior.

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