Fantasy and the Challenge of Recovery
This dialogue between sexual addiction professionals raised an interesting question about how to address the challenge of fantasy in addiction recovery. Brett speaks first: Exchanging Fantasy for Vision: I'm interested in knowing what others think and feel about this and how they encourage those under their guidance to break free from focusing on "walking around backwards" (focus on the past and moving away from something) and begin the journey of moving forward with...
More On Intimacy
Here is a very recent article about intimacy from a male perspective. It strikes me that one value of the internet and its free following exploitation and exploration of human sexuality is that one can find hard-won honest insight. This article is a great example.
When Sex is Easy, Intimacy is Hard
The challenge of living in an age of easy sex, (Internet Pornography, Sexting, Hook-up Apps, etc) is in learning how to be a real human being and not just a vehicle for sexual exploitation. Intimacy takes practice.
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