What is Sexual Addiction?
By whatever name, Hypersexuality Disorder or Sexual Addiction, people seek help because they need help. Sometimes those of us who support people who are struggling see the challenge so clearly and in such detail, that we lose sight of the simple fact that many, many people remain confused and bewildered by the chaos and harm that results when one's sexual behavior gets out of control. From time to time it is...
Should You Watch Porn? Watch This Debate and Decide
Have you ever watched a debate between those who oppose pornography and those who support it? Well, now you can. Middle Ground released their new video called Should You Watch Porn? just one week ago and it already has over 737,000 views (4,000 of which occurred in the last 4 hours)! We invite you to check it out and think about which side you think won (be...
Resources for the Partner
You may have just discovered that he has been "cheating." You may have suspected for some time. Or, the discovery has come as a shock and a surprise. Or it may be the excessive pornography use has stolen his attention from family responsibilities and from appropriate attentiveness toward you. First and foremost, please know that you are not alone. Read more: For the partner...
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