Controversy: Sexual Addiction
A person who struggles with sexual addiction lives a double life. They don’t know themselves as whole people with healthy Mind/Body integration. They struggle to enter into healthy relationships with others – relationships that include healthy sexual expression characterized by mutuality and respect. They are one person presenting two faces to the world. They identify one personae as good and acceptable, the other is bad and needing to be hidden away. They present the good to family and friends while the bad lives a secret life. Shame grounds their basic belief about themselves. They truly believe they simply are not worthy. Their double life is an expression of self-loathing.
The Teen Years
As a powerful human drive, Sex is right up there after the basic needs of survival are met. What is human sexuality if not survival of the species? Puberty comes with changes in a young person's body and signals a new reality. What was once easily overlooked and gratefully avoided becomes the almost constant focus of the teenage imagination. The excitement of growing up in the teenage years involves learning what to do with this unfamiliar but ever so persistent motive that rises up even in one's dreams.
Where Addiction Starts?
How is it that so many people are falling every day into the trap of addiction? The introduction of the internet into daily life certainly plays a role. Here's how.
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