New Year’s Resolutions For Addicts in Recovery

"As the clock strikes 12 on midnight, a new year is upon us filled with endless possibilities about the better person we hope to be and all the goals we hope to achieve this upcoming year. But for those of us in addiction recovery, New Year’s resolutions are more than an annual tradition; they are a very important tool in our long-term recovery process. For the next 365...

4 Ideas To Help You Thrive In 2021

"If you are reading this, you made it through 2020. Yes, it might have been ugly, and you probably wouldn’t want to do it all over again. But the truth of the matter is while the calendar might be turning a new page, much of the reality will still be the same in 2021. Sadly, many of the struggles that we face will continue… personally, professionally, nationally, and globally.Which...

50 Personal Development Books For Your 2021

"Books have been our greatest resource for centuries. Self-help books offer knowledge, guidance, and insights to help people. In the times of COVID-19, we need more help and guidance than ever. These books can provide direction and guide people. They help readers connect with their surroundings, learn to listen to their inner voice, apply their knowledge, and make small incremental changes. Self-help books can help guide people and teach...

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