We Are As Healthy As Our Relationships
Healthy relationships contribute to a healthy life. This includes both supportive emotional bonds that help a person navigate through difficult times as well as connections that heighten the experience of good times. Relationships are about companionship, certainly. They also serve as a kind of an external immune system that can protect you from the assault overwhelming stress. Dr Esther Sternberg has compiled research that demonstrates the mind-body-relationship...
Upcoming Intensive Weekend Workshop for Couples – June 21-22
Lifestar Sacramento specializes solely on treatment, healing and recovery from compulsive sexual behaviors AND provides the support, expert guidance and treatment for relationship betrayal trauma. When it comes to these sensitive issues, experience and the right treatment process does matter. Our highly qualified and specialty trained clinical therapists offer expertise in assessments, individual/couples therapy and highly successful workshops and group therapy. Our next intensive workshop for couples...
Am I a Sex Addict? Take This “Quiz”
If you or someone you know is wondering if they might be struggling with sex addiction, it needs to be considered. No one without a pain in their toe wonders if they might have a hangnail. But how do you begin to gather good information that can direct you to a next step? SAA is a fellowship of men and women who "share their experience, strength, and...
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