To Tell the Children
Ugh! What do we tell the children? Sexual addiction is a complex disease with consequences that extend far beyond the person struggling with the addiction. It involves spouses, of course. It also involves children. How, when, and why to disclose sexual addiction to children is a difficult question. We have found that long-time treatment professional Claudia Black provides insight important to share.
Sex Addiction is Not a Myth: Article Not to Miss
In a previous post we noted that the Nov/Dec issue of The Therapist Magazine (California Marriage and Family Therapist publication), a group of therapists wrote an article discrediting the work of sex addiction therapists. Jan Beauregard, Candice Christensen, and Alexandra Katehakis have published a response that sets the record straight. Here is the “take away” for those too busy to read the entire article:
Increase Your Vocabulary, Expand Your Emotional Reach
If you limit your emotional language to “feel good” and “feel bad”, you may be missing out on the wonderful breadth of human experience. It may limit your capacity for healthy intimacy as well. A British researcher finds that our emotional experience is limited by the vocabulary we have available to identify and name our emotional experience.
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