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The Partner Challenge in Change

When a partner has a problem with porn being in the relationship, they are sometimes labeled as jealous, controlling, or uptight. Porn not only hurts those who consume it, but those they love. The negative effects of porn don't stop when the browser window closes or the video ends. Users negatively impact their partner in ways they couldn't have anticipated. Read more...
When Producers of Porn Are Smarter Than You

When a person uses pornography on the internet, they are giving producers of porn access to information that undermine the user's freedom. Producers access user data to manipulate what they see and lead them down a path of behavior that leads to addiction. Once hooked, users pay for premium content and the business model pays off.  Producers deploy one...
A New Year, A Fresh Start

The new year holds the promise of a fresh start. The change of the calendar invites reflection on other changes one would like to make in one's life. What would you like to change? Does your relationship need renewing? Relationships require work. Habits of neglect or taking for granted a life-partner...

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