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Trauma-Based or Digital-Age Porn Addiction?
Digital-Age Porn Addiction is a  growing subcategory of sex addiction, not driven by unresolved early-life trauma, but by conditioned response. Typically, it starts with use at a young age, often before puberty. For for those using it, sexual expression does not move beyond the internet. Porn and sometimes other forms of non-intimate online sexuality are both sex education and sexual fulfillment. As a...
Constant Craving: The Rise of Addictions
Dopamine is the "wanting" neurochemical. Endorphin is the "liking" neurochemical. This means you don't have to like something in order to want it. Someone who struggles with an addiction continues to experience desire long after the experience is no longer pleasurable. This is why life's intense pleasures are less frequent and less sustained than life's intense desires.
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Is Sex Addiction Real? (Great Video)
[embed][/embed] LifeStar colleague Floyd Godfrey and sex addiction expert Rob Weiss are interviewed by NBC exploring the nature of sexual addiction.  ...

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