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Resources for the Partner
You may have just discovered that he has been "cheating." You may have suspected for some time. Or, the discovery has come as a shock and a surprise. Or it may be the excessive pornography use has stolen his attention from family responsibilities and from appropriate attentiveness toward you. First and foremost, please know that you are not alone. Read more: For the partner...
The Partner of a Sex Addict Deserves Support Too
Betrayal signals an existential threat -- possible death -- not of a person but of a relationship. Partners of sex addicts who pass though the turmoil of discovery, confrontation, denial, only partial honesty, and the fear of loss experience genuine trauma. Many, if not most, present with symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. They may experience shame, depression, hyper-vigilance, isolation, panic attacks insomnia, nightmares, and other expressions of emotional distress. Partners doubt themselves, lose confidence, lose...
Arizona’s Public Health Crisis Debate on Pornography

Increasingly, state legislatures around the country are taking up the question of pornography as a public health issue. Utah was the first state in the nation to declare pornography a public health crisis in 2016, but measures have been passed in 11 other states since. Arizona has now taken up the debate.

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