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Healthy Relationship is the Antidote to Addiction
Any addiction (alcohol, drug, food, sex, or gambling) involves the hijacking of the brain’s natural orientation to relationships as its source for optimal health. The brain "is wired" for healthy relationships. An addiction "short-circuits” the healthy brain creating disorder and disaster.
EER Neurofeeback: “Brain Paint”
"Brain Paint” address healing by addressing the client’s brain directly. This helps clients overcome cognitive and emotional challenges that undermine healing. "Brain Paint” is a name of a neurofeedback process that helps a client improve self-regulation by actually “teaching” the brain. Research shows the brains operating under the influence of an addiction process become destabilized in the early stages of recovery. People...
To Tell the Children
Ugh! What do we tell the children? Sexual addiction is a complex disease with consequences that extend far beyond the person struggling with the addiction. It involves spouses, of course. It also involves children. How, when, and why to disclose sexual addiction to children is a difficult question. We have found that long-time treatment professional Claudia Black provides insight important to share.

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