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The Importance of Empathy

Studies show that we are far less empathetic today than in years past. Lifehacker's video about the importance of empathy explains simple ways we can be more empathetic. While we understand what it means, we may sometimes lack the self-awareness to actively practice it. The ability to empathize is hardwired into our brains. Thankfully, we have the ability to strengthen those areas.

The Courage to Be Vulnerable

The On Being Project podcast had a conversation with Brené Brown on the courage of vulnerability. The conversation is an in-depth look into how shame often stops us from being vulnerable, but how being and displaying vulnerability can transform our relationships and family dynamics.
Own Your Behaviors, Master Your Communication, Determine Your Success

Conflict and loss of relationships can be the result of miscommunication. We have all been affected by and a participant of communicating improperly. In Louise Evans TED talk, she outlines the importance of creating healthy environments when we connect with one another. She uses "The 5 Chairs"--attack, self doubt, wait, detect, connect-- to show the systematic process of our communication, and the journey of healthy behaviors, connection, and...


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